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Today's young people face challenging and complex problems they may not be prepared to handle without professional intervention. Warning signs that often indicate problems include family arguments, a drop in grades, conflicts with peers, depression and anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse, aggression, thoughts of suicide, anger, hyperactivity, and stress related to loss, abuse or neglect.

YTP offers focused services for clients that do not respond to conventional treatments, have problems that pose a risk to another's well being and may require crisis intervention. The following is a summary of services our specialized mental health day treatment program offers:

Diagnostic Assessment

A diagnostic assessment will include a complete history of symptoms: i.e., when they started, how long they have lasted, their severity, and whether they have had the symptoms before and, if so, if the symptoms were treated and what treatment was given. It will include questions regarding family history and current living situation. Once the assessment has been completed, a 5 Axis Diagnoses and treatment plan will be implemented.

Group Therapy

Group therapy and group skills are utilized daily. During group therapy discussions, clients encourage each other to share openly and honestly. As well, group therapy helps support clients to discuss individual behaviors with each other. Emphasis is on the client reaching his/her goals as they relate to home, school, community, Milieu and YTP.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy and individual skills are available. Individual therapy enhances and compliments the group therapy structure.

Social Skills Development

YTP provides many different activities that can be used to help our clients learn to be more effective in their interpersonal skills. Clients learn the social skills that will allow them to develop effective relationships with others in their lives, assess their strengths and weaknesses related to the skill, and practice new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Problem Solving/Coping Skills

YTP teaches our clients problem solving strategies to help them develop better coping skills. Additionally, we provide opportunities for clients to improve & practice their problem solving strategies and new coping skills.

Milieu Therapy

Milieu Therapy is a planned treatment environment in which everyday events and interactions are therapeutically designed for the purpose of creating a positive peer culture, enhancing social skills and building confidence.

Family Therapy & Support

Family Therapy is available and may be provided in addition to Day Treatment Services. Family support is offered through frequent phone contact and meetings, as requested.

Academic Support

Academics are provided to all clients through Intermediate District 917

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